Milan Dedicated Server

Milan Dedicated Server

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Milan Dedicated Server

If you choose our dedicated server in Milan, you can rest assured that all resources are allotted to you, for all-out performance. Our servers and equipment are designed, assembled, and maintained by our expert teams, in order to offer you optimized provisions for your. Install your servers in less than 4 Hours, in our resourceful datacenters around the world. You will get benefit from a high-resilience network to ensure stability of service for your customers. By creating an infrastructure with 100gbps dedicated servers, you will shape a reliable technical platform for your secured business applications. The scalability of your organization is further enhanced by interconnecting your servers with other 100gbps solutions, such as Private Cloud and Public Cloud.
By hosting your servers in Amsterdam with 100gbps, you will get benefit from innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure.
CPU RAM HDD Bandwidth Uplink B/W Type /Monthly
Intel E-2236 16 GB 2×500 GB SSD 100 Mbps* 20 Gbps Dedicated $300/mo Order Now
Intel E-2288G 16 GB 2×500 GB SSD 100 Mbps* 20 Gbps Dedicated $350/mo Order Now
2 × Intel Silver 4208 64 GB 2×500 GB SSD 1 Gbps* 40 Gbps Dedicated $700/mo Order Now
2 × Intel Silver 4210 64 GB 2×500 GB SSD 1 Gbps* 40 Gbps Dedicated $900/mo Order Now
2 × Intel Silver 4216 128 GB 2×500 GB SSD 1 Gbps* 40 Gbps Dedicated $1300/mo Order Now
1 × AMD EPYC 7702P 128 GB 2×500 GB SSD 1 Gbps* 40 Gbpps Dedicated $1700/mo Order Now

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IP space for address‑hungry businesses

Each additional address is available for 7 USD / month or 65 USD one‑time . Dedicated IPv4 subnets are assigned on request, with custom pricing options. IPv6 blocks of /64 are provided free of charge.


Bring your IP spaceto 100Gbps

Using your own IP addresses with 100GBPS servers is possible via BGP. The setup costs 200 USD per announcement and requires three simple steps:


Unmetered DDoS mitigation

Shield, our proprietary anti‑DDoS solution, mitigates layer 3 and layer 4 attacks of all types and sizes. The service comes in three tiers.

Public bandwidth meeting your needs

Be ready for peak traffic

When it comes to traffic jams, it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next. Unexpected surges can be caused by global events, trends, and malicious behavior. Not to mention successful marketing campaigns, which, although intended to drive traffic, can occasionally catch IT, teams, off guard. It’s impossible to predict what causes surges, but if you’re unprepared, peak traffic will wreak havoc on your website, producing traffic bottlenecks, delays, and website breakdowns. Our bandwidth package is perfect for network load peaks since it includes guaranteed bandwidth and burst choices. If your guaranteed bandwidth is exceeded, the burst feature will handle the increased load.

Be ready for upload requirements or mass distribution like software updates

Upload requirements are sometimes blamed for ‘breaking the internet,’ which occurs when thousands of users execute large software updates at the same time. With 100GBPS, you can raise the default bandwidth and guarantee it for special upload requirements or bulk distribution, such as software upgrades.

Be ready for media requirements: VOD (video on demand) and live streaming

A good network connection is essential for producing high-quality online media and live video. To play without latency difficulties, movies, VOD, and live streaming rely on very big information demands. Scaling is a big difficulty for online media platforms in particular, especially when network infrastructure is inadequate. The associated latency concerns have a significant influence on user experience, particularly during live broadcasts. While there are a variety of concerns that might impair video quality and delay, network limits are frequently to blame. With our optimised cross-connection solution, your network adapts to the needs and locations of your users to ensure data transfer quality. This ensures that your on-demand and live streaming services run smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

How do you charge for bandwidth?

Bandwidth is charged based on your actual peak usage. To be able to scale our infrastructure in a way that prevents network congestion during peak times, we do not charge by the 95th percentile model.

What’s the difference between a bandwidth plan and uplink capacity?

A bandwidth plan represents the amount of purchased bandwidth. Uplink capacity represents your server’s physical bandwidth limit.

What if I use more bandwidth than I paid for?

If your bandwidth usage exceeds the purchased amount, our Sales team will contact you about upgrade options. Please rest assured that we won’t suspend or limit your service.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my bandwidth plan?

To change your bandwidth plan, submit a ticket with our Sales team. An upgrade can be done anytime. Downgrading is possible from your upcoming billing period onwards.

Can I use the full capacity of my server’s uplink?

Absolutely. Each 100GBPS server is deployed with either 1 x 10GE, 2 x 10GE, or 2 x 40GE unshared uplink dedicated exclusively to you.